Established in 2015, Modern Glow Lashes has grown into an international success, with celebrity clients from around the world. 

Founded by the renowned Armenian Make-up Artist: Aida Orbelyan; Modern Glow Lashes has a line of mink, silk, and faux custom made lashes that enhance every eye shape. Not only are all of our lashes handmade, but they are also made with luxurious and ethically sourced materials. Our extra soft bands and durable quality means that both everyday users and makeup artists alike love our lashes.

Aida proudly states, "The eyes are the entry to your soul. As a make-up artist, I knew that if I helped magnify the look of womens lashes then I could enhance their beauty. Since I work on different women's eyes with varying eye shapes, I knew how to design the lashes to fit each of their eye shapes. While working on my client's eyes, each lash type represents and is named after the clients, whose eyes inspired that style."

Since 2015, Aida's brainchild has grown to become an International Brand, with clients who rave about her luscious lashes from around the world. What differentiates Modern Glow Lashes from most lash lines is the fact that the band of the lashes is softer, lighter, and designed to fit the shape of various eyes. Made to enhance the natural beauty of its users, Modern Glow Lashes are the perfect accessory when your eyes need an extra 'Glow!’ It's no wonder Modern Glow Lashes is a fan favorite… one use and it will have you feeling, ‘FabuLash!’

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